Dance Floors starting at $2 per sqft.

It has to be over plywood floor or flat solid floor.

If it needs to be set up over grass you need to have a plywood floor installed.

Dance Floors and Pool Covers

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Plywood Floors starting at $1.50 per sqft

This is the first step to have a dance floor over grass.

If you want to save you can use this Plywood Floor as a Dance Floor.

Estimated prices for pool covers including supports, rope light, skirt around cover:

Pool Size
Pool Cover Size
Wood pool cover Approx. Cost
Plexiglass Cover Approx. Cost

Walkway Floor

Ideal for a wedding entrance

Wood Pool Covers starting at $4 per sq.ft

Adding Plexiglass to your pool cover will look awesome.

Plexi Glass Pool Covers

Starting at $7 per sq.ft