Water Slides and Dry Slides

Melting Arctic Water Slide with Pool $399

22ft High

15ft Wide x 35ft Long

Pool is not detachable.

NEW!!! OCEAN BATTLE Water Slide $289

24ft HIGH
15ft Wide x 35ft Long (with Pool)
15ft Wide x 28ft Long (without pool)

Recommended: 5yrs-Adults

Max: 2 kids (1 adult) on the unit.

4in1 Super Slide with Splash $180

15ft High x 13ft wide x 30ft long.

6in1 Rainbow Combo with Pool $200

You can use it without the Pool to go Into your Pool

With Pool: 15ft High x 13ft wide x 32ft Long.

With No pool: 15ft high x 13ft wide x 25ft long.

We care about your Kids! We keep our equipment always clean, always safe!

We are not the cheapest...we are the best!

Even we would love to rent you a bounce house for the cheapest price possible, there are expenses involved in this business industry. All our bouncers are approved by the IAAPA. None of our inflatables are manufactured with material containing lead, therefore your kids are safe to have fun on them. While other companies have their inflatables sitting on a back patio All our bouncers are stored in a warehouse, avoiding them to be ruined and infected by roaches, rats, mold, mildew, etc. We wash our bounce houses after every rental to make sure they are clean and ready to be used by our next customers. Choose our company and you will see the difference!

NEW!!!ROCKER Water Slide $399

20ft HIGH

15ft Wide x 34ft Long (with Pool)

15ft Wide x 28ft Long (without Pool)

BLUE ICE Water Slide $450

Double Lane 20ft High

20ft wide x 36ft Long (with Pool)

15ft wide x 34ft Long (without pool).

The Inflatables shown below are not Water Slides. They are combo units which means they are Bounce Houses with Slide and they can be used as wet or dry slides.

Paradise Water Slide $250

20ft HIGH
13ft Wide x 30ft Long (with pool)

13ft Wide x 24ft Long (without pool)

DINO Water Slide with Pool $280
20ft HIGH
13ft Wide x 32ft Long
Pool is not detachable!

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Typhoon Tropical Slide with Splash $450

22ft High x 18ft Wide x 42ft Long (with Splash pool)

SKYLINE Water Slide $250

with Pool or Into your own Pool

22ft HIGH

13ft Wide x 32ft Long (with Pool)

13ft Wide x 25ft Long (without pool)

Recommended: 4yrs to Adults.

No more than 2 kids at the same time on the unit.