Special Tables & Chairs

Garden Chairs $4

also known as White Padded chairs

Ideal for casual events, outdoor weddings, baby showers and any type of special event.

*Please remember, the picture shown is the manufacturer picture and shows it like new, our chairs are rental chairs therefore they are in used conditions and not as new as seen on this photo.

CHIAVARI Chairs $6 also known as Tiffany

Available in White, Clear and Gold.


Cocktail table with Spandex $35

Any color of spandex

Kid Plastic Color Chairs 

Set: 1 rectangular 4ft table and 6 chairs $15

or rent it separately for $1 per chair

and $10 per table

Serpentine Table $25 each

In order to make this table look as a Serpentine table or S shape table you need to set 2 tables together.

Kid Chiavari Chairs

Set: 1 rectangular 4ft table and 6 chairs $30

or rent it separately for $4 per chair

and $10 per table

Available colors: White and Pink.


Cocktail tables 30" diameter $12

High top table 42" high

Or with a low pole 30" high

Rectangular Tables 8ft $15 each

Seats 8-10 chairs per table as shown on the picture. No chairs included.

Rectangular tables 6ft $12 each

Seats 6-8 chairs per table. 

No chairs included.

Round table 60" $15 each

Seats 8 chairs per table

Chiavari Bar Stools or High Chairs $15

Ideal to be used with cocktail tables.

Available in white, black, mahogany and Clear.

Tables, Chairs

Linens and Special tables

Half Moon Table $25 each

Usually used for 2 chairs

NAPOLEON Chairs $8

"The new Chiavari model".

Available in white, gold and clear.

All orders including only tables and/or chairs (white folding chairs) are subject to a delivery fee starting at $50.  

Minimum order $120 including delivery.

Prices exclude high demand seasons, Holidays and Special dates such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, etc.

The delivery does not include set up or breakdown unless specified.

Square Table $25

60x60". Seats 8 chairs

Polyester Linens​ starting at $12 

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Kid Farm Chairs

Set: 1  rectangular 4ft Table and 6 chairs $20

or rent it separately for $2 per chair

and $10 per table

White Folding Chair

Outdoor $2

Indoor $3

Outdoor and Indoor chairs are the same type of white plastic folding chair but the indoor ones have been kept indoors (usually at offices or banquet halls), while the Outdoor chairs are used every weekend and kept outdoors. If you have marble floor or any type of floor that can be scratched we don't recommend the outdoor chairs.

Illuminated Cocktail tables $45

Includes table, white spandex and light